Synovitis, Arthroscopic Surgery: "Roo"

Roo and Tracy VroomRoo in tackRoo has been an exemplary rehabilitation horse during his time with AER.  During the initial stages of post surgical recovery and controlled exercise he made slow process.  Stifle problems are notoriously difficult, and Roo's owner was willing to have the team work with Roo to help him attain the best possible outcome.  Regular consults and check ups with Roo's surgeon, farrier appointments, dental work, regular chiropractic and acupuncture appointments, craniosacral therapy and nutrition consults filled the weeks and months that followed Roo's second stifle surgery.  

He progressed from box stall confinement with a minimal hand walking protocol to increased controlled exercise and finally under saddle work.

This lovely red gelding did remarkably well with his recovery, and spent a while in a basic maintenance program at AER.  He progressed through his rehabilitation with few setbacks and his owner enjoyed riding him regularly while he enjoyed normal turnout, but mostly eating!  He still got regular bodywork, and saw the surgeon for a maintenance protocol of IRAP several times a year.  AER helped manage his nutrition program, veterinary, farrier and bodywork appointments and filled in his exercise program when his owner is at work.

Roo moved back into a training barn in 2011, and continues to do beautifully! They have even hit the show ring again! I get to see Roo occasionally for some maintenance laser, kinesiotape and massage.