Growth Plate Infection: “Hope”

“Hope” (now called Raquel) was a late 2008 Appendix QH filly that was sent to Acadia Equine Rehabilitation's facility at ten days old, after having surgery on her left hind fetlock. She had a severe growth plate infection with a guarded prognosis for recovery.  

Her team of veterinarians sent her to AER with an IV catheter to maintain so that her antibiotics and pain medications could be more easily administered.  The bandage on her left hind was supported with a split cast and changed twice a week along with the support bandage on her right hind leg. “Hope” went back to the clinic for a second arthroscopic surgery about four weeks into her stay to flush the joint and replace antibiotic beads, and came back to th farm the same afternoon. Radiographs to monitor the progress of the healing in her fetlock were done frequently, and eventually “Hope's” veterinarian set up a gradual process to wean her out of the cast and support bandages.

As she progressed she required specialized trimming and glue on support shoes done by Acadia Equine Rehabilitation's farrier, Ed Bullock.  Also, as she graduated from the bandages, we also increased “Hope” and her mother from strict 12x24 stall confinement to a 12x12 section of an outdoor run attached to their stall and then eventually all exercise restriction was lifted.

AER hauled the girls home to northern Colorado where “Hope” was weaned and spent the rest of the winter with three other weanlings in a large pasture sound and healthy!