Extensor Tendon Injury: "Superstar"

This lovely bay Thoroughbred gelding came to us after a serious leg wound.  His extensor tendons were damaged, so he was in a splint from elbow to hoof and required extensive bandages changes every few days.   His prognosis to return to work was very grim, and his team worked very hard to do the best we could to aim for pasture and trail horse comfort.  

 As the wound healed, we were able to cut his splint down to half, then standing wrap, and then no bandage.

We then dealt with with serious limited range of motion in his carpus due to scar tissue and lack of motion.   He had frequent shockwave therapy and acupuncture from his favorite veterinarian, as well as prescribed range of motion exercises, controlled exercise, topical NSAIDS and linaments, and kinesiotape applications.   His farrier was the most patient of team members, as Superstar was a challenge to shoe when his carpus wouldn’t bend enough to even hold the foot up to get trimmed and shod. 

Nearly 9 months after his life threatening injury, Superstar went back to work, first with a pessoa lunging rig, and then under saddle. Much to his team’s delight, he even did a little jumping before he left Acadia Equine Rehabilitation! 

AER is happy to report that Superstar is back at his home barn, and in training with his young, talented and most wonderful owner.  I often get text messages and photo/video updates and Superstar is still doing beautifully!