Success Stories

Whether your horse is an international level performance horse or an equally valuable retired pasture companion, he is treated like a million-dollar Olympic-caliber athlete at Acadia Equine Rehabilitation (AER).

Every horse we treat receives unwavering diligence, compassion, and hard work from the AER team. You can see the results of that hard work in the success stories here. Every case is different, but every horse is equal in the quality of care he deserves and receives from AER.

Success Stories

Sesamoid Fracture: “Peggy Sue”

Sixteen year-old Peggy Sue came to AER for a severe abscess treated prior to surgical repair of a sesamoid fracture. After spending three months with us, she went home to continue life as a working ranch horse.

Growth Plate Infection: “Hope”

Hope was sent to Acadia Equine Rehabilitation's facility at ten days old, after having surgery on her left hind fetlock. She had a severe growth plate infection with a guarded prognosis for recovery.

Premature Foal: “Freyja”

“Freyja's” dam, “Melodie” had never carried a foal to term successfully.  Five weeks prior to her due date, “Melodie” was brought to AER after being diagnosed with placentitis and veterinarians prescribed a medication protocol to try and keep her from delivering the foal before it would be viable.  “Freyja” arrived early on the morning of March 18, 2009 at AER more than three weeks before her due date.

Synovitis, Arthroscopic Surgery: "Roo"

Prior to coming to AER, Roo developed synovitis after a routine stifle injection and subsequently underwent an arthroscopy.  Jenny was called in to Cold Laser Roo's stifle post surgery.  After struggling to improve and then experiencing a setback, Roo went back to surgery for a second athroscopy a month later.  He came to AER post surgically to recover and undergo rehabilitative care. 

Extensor Tendon Injury: "Superstar"

A severe leg wound caused damage to the exensor tendons of the beautiful Thoroughbred gelding Superstar.  He came to AER in August of 2014 with a very grim prognosis and a full-leg splint giving support and limiting mobility from elbow to hoof.

Check ligament injury: Nikki

Coming to AER with a check ligament injury, Nikki soon underwent a carpus arthroscopy to remove a bone spur - potentially leading to an early ending to a promising show career.

Joint Infection: "Woodrow"

 Woodrow came to AER for post-surgical wound care as the injury healed.

Displaced Soft Palate: "Money"

 Money had a diverse healing team during her stay at AER to work to correct a displaced soft palate.