Spa Package

Do you have a horse that might be perfect for a customized Spa package with Acadia Equine Rehabilitation?  

  • Has your horse been on vacation for an extended period of time?  
  • Or is he coming off layup?  Maybe YOU’VE been on lay-up with an injury?  
  • Is your horse is new to you through a rescue program?  
  • Has your horse just been imported from another state, or another country?  
  • Do you have a young horse ready to head to the trainer to get started under saddle?  
  • You have a horse just coming out of work and transitioning to retirement?  
  • Have you just taken a new job that is taking up all your time!?  
  • Or maybe your horse just needs a little sprucing up or TLC?  

Let AER and our amazing team of equine professionals develop a 2-3 month custom Spa package for your horse.  Services available include:

  • Veterinary chiropractic, acupuncture and dental work
  • Farrier work
  • Access to first class veterinarians and diagnostics
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Massage
  • Nutrition consultations
  • Saddle Fit
  • Exercise
  • Herbalists
  • Intuitive and energy work

Each horse and owner situation is seen as unique, and we do our best to develop a program and choose professionals from our team who will be the best match for you and your horse!

There are various boarding options and price ranges available at our facility.  And, many exercise options including controlled exercise, legging up, turnout in varying sizes and situations, under saddle or in hand work are all available for Spa horses.  We give your horse top quality, daily care, with attention to every detail at our private rehabilitation facility.  

Spa package includes: design of your horse’s individualized program, scheduling and attending all appointments, management of the horse at the farm (bagging supplements, blanketing, lunch feeding, general turnout, light exercise, etc.), owner updates and weekly progress reports.  Owners are responsible for all board, grain, supplements, medications, veterinary, farrier and other professional’s costs.  AER offers a discounted trailering rate if your horse needs to travel to clinics or equine professionals.

And, let us share our amazing resources for human work with you as well, such as massage practitioners, Pilates instruction for equestrians, craniosacral therapists, shamanic work, and many more… shouldn’t you get some pampering and TLC while your horse does?  This can only improve the relationship you share with your horse!

ACADIA EQUINE REHABILITATION “Spa” PACKAGE PRICING: $375/month  (2 month minimum) + board rate

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Contact Jenny  to schedule a tour and talk about a Spa package for your horse!