Basic Retirement Care

Horses that are retired, or beginning the transition to retirement from work may require a slow transition period and/or a specialized feeding program.  Some show horses simply don't adjust well to turnout and require a box stall at night or other specialized care, and these horses are welcome at AER. 


  • Attending to routine veterinary and farrier needs
  • Close monitoring of weight and condition, specialized feeding programs, dietary changes made as needed
  • Weekly grooming
  • Blanketing as needed   

Box stall board is available, with other options including limited space in the shed row pens and pasture which will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Limited turnout exercise is available with this program if box stall or shed row pen is chosen (small pen or individual pasture turnout).  Specialized feeds such as hay cubes or senior feeds will be billed separately as necessary by AER & Forsythe Farms.