Basic Rehabilitation

Our basic rehabilitation package for horses with fairly straightforward rehabilitative protocols from their veterinarians.  Horses requiring more intensive rehabilitative care may be better off taking advantage of one of our higher level rehabilitation packages.

Includes the following services:

  • Daily hand walking and exercise (maximum twice daily)
  • Administration of prescribed medications (maximum twice daily)
  • Basic standing wrap changes
  • Basic turnout and monitoring in small pens per veterinarian protocol
  • Basic hot/cold hosing
  • Application of cold therapy/ice boots
  • Blanketing
  • Show grooming maintenance (mane/tail care, basic clipping)
  • Handling horse for routine farrier and veterinarian visits
  • Basic daily wound care (cleaning, administering topical medication)
  • Progress charted with daily written logs, photographs, and video clips which can be used to communicate with owners, trainers, and veterinarians
  • Daily hoof soaking