SoftRide Equine Comfort Boots

AER has had many horses (and a chronically laminitic donkey) benefit from wearing Soft-Ride boots.  There are many situations where rehabilitation horses can benefit from some extra hoof support and cushion.  The obvious situation is the laminitic (foundered) horse.   Some horses come to our facility from a stay at the veterinary clinic where their feet have gotten sore and inflamed and are often sent to us with a pair of Soft Rides.  Horses trying to transition from being shod to barefoot often temporarily use of Soft Rides.  And, occasionally horses with severe lameness can benefit from the prophylactic use of Soft Rides under the careful supervision of our veterinarians in order to help prevent feet from getting sore. 

When our own horses have to travel long distances, they wear soft rides for extra cushion and support. 

We have chosen Soft-Ride brand specifically because we feel that they are the best product of their type on the market, and they are well-liked by the equine veterinarians that we work with on a regular basis.  SoftRide manufactures patented equine comfort boots and deep-gel orthotics. The semi-rigid, rocker bottom boot-sole reduces the break-over point, combined with the volume and type of gel enables the barefoot or shod horse to find his most comfortable hoof angulation. The deep-gel under the hoof-wall, reduces pressure on the hoof-wall allowing horses the beneficial mechanics of natural sole support.