AER has worked with OrthoPets of Denver to develop custom therapeutic, supportive, and corrective braces for horses either recovering from injuries, healing from surgery, or foals born with deformities that need correction.

The staff at OrthoPets focus mainly on dogs who benefit from their many bracing devices.  Jenny's own dog has a custom made stifle brace from OrthoPets which is what led Jenny and the veterinarians working with a foal that had a torn gastrocnemius muscle to look to Martin Kauffman for help with a bracing solution after pressure sores developed.  Martin's work before OrthoPets was with human orthotics and prosthetics- so he was familiar with develping devices that would not further exacerbate pressure sores.  The benefits of having access to a brilliant and creative group of people like this are invaluable and too many to list!  Contact Jenny if you believe your horse or foal might be a candidate for an OrthoPets device, and she'll arrange a meeting or a phone call with your veterinarian and the OrthoPets staff.