Game Ready™ Equine

Acadia Equine Rehabilitation uses Game Ready™ Equine products for cold compression therapy.  AER has experienced fantastic results with the Game Ready Equine unit, especially when used on soft tissue injuries in acute stages where the primary focus of the veterinarian is addressing inflammation.  The compression accomplished by this system seems to lead to much deeper penetration of cold into the leg to reduce swelling, minimize pain, and help prevent deeper tissue damage; accelerating the healing process and producing better long-term results.

Game Ready™ Equine was developed by veterinarians and the United States Equestrian Team (USET).  The device effectively and efficiently combines active compression and cryotherapy (cold) to help decrease inflammantion and speed healing.  Veterinarians and top riders are raving about the excellent results that those who are using this accelerated recovery system are experiencing with their horses. 

Most horses accept the Game Ready™ Equine system easily.  The main unit is filled with ice and water and sealed, then connected by a hose to specialized boots (two legs can be done at once) that are applied to the horse's legs.  Horses can spend their Game Ready™ Equine treatment time in their stall or in crossties, depending on where they are most comfortable and quiet.  The horse is monitored for entire treatment session to make sure hoses don't  bother them and that they remain relaxed and comfortable. 

Many of our client horses that have undergone orthopedic surgery or have been recently diagnosed with a tendon or ligament injury benefit from Game Ready™ Equine sessions.  See the Game Ready Equine web site or contact Jenny at AER for more information.