Biostar EQ is a company dedicated to whole food nutritional programs for horses whose products and services include supplements, customized feeding programs, and expert customer support for owners.   They will tell you horses that eat whole food [less processing & fewer ingredients is better], regularly spend less time digesting and absorbing feed and nutrients and more time utilizing nutrients to heal and repair their bodies. 

No two rehabilitation horses are the same, and that is reflected in their nutritional requirements as well.  What we do worry about for every horse we care for is doing our very best to lessen their stress, hopefully reducing further risk of gastric ulcers.  We feed only the best quality grass hay as a base for all the horse’s nutritional programs.  Then, we work with you, your horse’s veterinarian, trainer and other members of your horse’s team to develop the best nutritional protocol for your individual horse. 

Many of our own horses and client horses are on programs developed by Biostar that include minimally processed, more “whole” foods.  Soaked beet pulp, timothy pellets,  and alfalfa pellets make up a base feed that is often combined with nutritional supplements suited to each individual horse.   We have seen good results with many of the Biostar supplements.