Tools of the Trade

Only the highest quality nutrition supplements, therapy products, and rehabilitative equipment meet Acadia Equine Rehabilitation's (AER) discerning standards for use on our clients.  These products have been selected based on consistency of quality, usage, and success rates on multiple rehab cases.

  • AER works with certified Equi-Tape practitioners to use this revolutionary kinesiotape to help speed recovery and aid in the healing process.

  • AER uses and recommends BiostarEQ Whole Food supplements for rehabilitation horses.

  • AER uses the Equicore Concepts Equiband System to help strengthen muscles of the back and core during the rehabilitation process.

  • AER uses SoftRide boots in many different situations encountered by individual rehabilitation horses to provide cushion to the feet.

  • AER works with OrthoPets of Denver to develop custom therapeutic, supportive, and corrective braces for horses either recovering from injuries, healing from surgery, or foals born with deformities that need correction.

  • Game Ready™ Equine sessions may be helpful in your horse's acute stages of recovery from soft tissue injuries or surgery. 

  • AER uses a Respond™ Systems, Inc. Cold Laser.  This unit can be helpful when used on sore muscles, superficial soft tissue injuries and wounds.