Displaced Soft Palate: "Money"

Rare upper airway surgery complications led to damage of the glossopharyngeal nerve and the pharyngeal branch of the vagus nerve, responsible for swallowing and soft palate placement respectively. She came to AER while recovering from pneumonia, and due to the inability to swallow correctly, had a very strict and limited vet-prescribed feeding routine. She could only eat pureed “soup” out of a bucket off the floor and could not have hay or roughage due to the possibility of choke and pneumonia. This also limited the amount and type of bedding she could have. Thanks to a talented team of veterinarians, body workers, the farrier, and more working consistently with the AER team, Money slowly made progress. The day that the trailer came to pick her up to head home, Money was the easiest horse in the barn. She was living in a bedded stall with run, was getting turned out to pasture every day, and was going on the free-flow walker to get back in shape. She is a determined horse that beat all the odds. She is now back to work comepeting in barrels. From her owner: "You and your team are responsible for her survival so I will be sending you updates! This is a miracle for her to come back this strong."