New “Spa” Package For Your Horse

Almost all of what Acadia Equine Rehabilitation is about has come from my personal experience with my own horses.  My mare, Acadia, had a tough rehabilitation from stifle surgery in 2003 and now I own and run a business dedicated to helping horses and their owners through rehabilitating from injury, illness, or surgery. 

A year ago a new horse came into my life, and as a result I’ve developed a new “Spa” program for horses that don’t require a full rehabilitation program.  Sky Pilot, a three-year old Hanoverian gelding, came to Colorado from Houston with severe allergies as his primary problem, and I took him on as a project.

I became Sky Pilot’s project manager and his success story is just one example of how a “Spa” program might benefit your horse.  The week that Sky Pilot arrived in Colorado I took him for a “pre-purchase” exam with my regular veterinarian.  I wanted to make sure there weren’t any underlying joint issues that we would need to deal with and also wanted some initial help with his allergies.  Some radiographs were taken and my veterinarian and I chose to do a simple blood panel to have a base line and let him settle into a drastically different climate with different allergens before moving forward with more aggressive treatment or diagnosis of the allergies.

Sky Pilot received good, basic nutrition and supportive care to help with the itching and skin irritation he experienced.  He had his feet trimmed that first week as well.  As I was getting to know him, I observed that he didn’t finish his hay, but rather just slowly ate without much enthusiasm, and his weight was on the thin side.

Next, I took Sky Pilot to see Dr. Diane Wagner of Elemental Equine Services where she assessed his condition, took his history, and did acupuncture and chiropractic work.  She sent us home with a homeopathic remedy for his allergies.  He also had dental work done while at Elemental Equine Services, and we found that Sky Pilot had some pathology in his mouth that made eating uncomfortable.  Within a few days after the dental work, he was eating his hay with great gusto!  We also made some diet shifts based on recommendations from Dr. Wagner. 

We decided at that point that it was time for some craniosacral work, so Tracy Vroom was called in to do several sessions with Sky Pilot.  Over a period of 3-4 months Sky Pilot began to gain weight, and the allergy symptoms virtually disappeared.  Today he’s doing very well, and is getting some “Spa” package tune-ups in preparation to get started under saddle.

Do you have a horse that might be perfect for a customized Spa package with Acadia Equine Rehabilitation?

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