Tracy Vroom

Tracy Vroom often works on AER rehabilitation horses as part of their individualized rehabilitation program. She is an integral part of the team working to keep our performance horses fit and happy.  Tracy offers craniosacral therapy, shamanic healing, equine massage, and The Tellington TTouch Method.

Tracy grew up on a farm surrounded by horses & animals in the midwest.  While working in corporate America on the east coast, she began looking for a way to improve her relationship with her animals.  She discovered the Tellington TTouch Method for companion animals in 2006, and was so impressed with the results that she became a fully certified practitioner.  Tracy continued her education, earning certification in Craniosacral therapy and massage.

We are so fortunate that she  relocated to Colorado in 2007 where she has moved away from the corporate world to focus on her passion of helping horses (and dogs) get well and stay that way!

Tracy's equine clients include Thoroughbred race horses, performance horses in a variety of disciplines, and pleasure horses. She has worked in conjunction with trainers, veterinarians, massage therapists, chiropractics, and acupuncturists, believing in a team approach to optimal health.

Tracy also offers workshops and is often found collaborating with other vastly creative projects with a variety of equine and other professionals.