Joe Marchese

Joe Marchese showed up at Acadia Equine Rehabilitaiton in November 2009, and has since become an invaluable team member, bringing many diverse skills and talents to the farm and rehabilitation business.  His background in Fire and Rescue make him the default barn and people safety go-to guy, and he has used his EMT skills on a number of occasions when the humans have required medical assistance.  His human medical training makes him another valuable person to help owners understand veterinary protocols for their horse's recovery, and also transfers well to the horses and their required care while at AER.  Joe's background has given him the experience to make him comfortable around the horses and he very quickly learned the ins and outs of the rehabilitation business from Jenny. 

Joe makes regular trips hauling horses between the farm and vet clinic and often receives compliments on his careful hauling skills and attention to detail.  He meticulously maintains the truck and trailer, and provides Jenny piece of mind with his mechanic (and EMS) skills on long and short hauling trips alike.  Construction projects and maintenance, walking and grooming horses, feed store trips, helping Jenny with bandage changes, medicating horses, attending veterinary, farrier, or bodywork appointments are all examples of the hundreds of day-to-day tasks in which Joe is involved.  He is a fantastic team player and his hard work and self-motivation are greatly appreciated!