Littleton Equine Medical Center

AER has been working with Littleton Equine Medical Center since 2007, and has developed a mutually beneficial relationship with their top-notch veterinarians along the way. 

LEqMC is the closest surgical facility to our facility, and there is an invaluable level of comfort knowing they are close enough to get to us,  or for us to get your horse to them if needed in any sort of emergency.   We feel extremely fortunate to have such a high caliber, full service veterinary facility so easily accessible.   They have fantastic diagnostic capabilities and equipment including digital radiographs, ultrasound, standing MRI, and nuclear scintigraphy (bone scan).   Before your horse is ready for rehabilitation on the farm, they have an around the clock staffed ICU where your horse will be given the care he needs. 

Over the past several years we have developed great working relationships with most of the staff at Littleton from veterinarians, certified veterinary technicians and the always helpful office staff.  This amazing team of people is absolutely integral to the successful rehabilitation of many of our clients horses!