Callie Rulli - Rehabilitation Manager

Callie is a master certified Equine & Canine Massage and Acupressure practitioner, Equi-Tape practitioner, and owner of Skylark Animal Bodywork, LLC. She is also the rehabilitation manager at Acadia Equine Rehabilitation.

Prior to this, she had traveled to Australia to intern with the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre (AEBC) for Dr. Andrew McLean and his wife Manu. She became very involved in the physiological basis for how horses learn, studying with the AEBC team. Later she was introduced to Dr. Lesley Hawson and Dr. Paul McGreevy, and assisted in their study* while living in Australia. This led her to participate in the International Society for Equitation Science’s conferences around the globe every few years, further broadening her equine horizon.

Following this she pursued an interest in neuroscience to the graduate level, and then attended the Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage. Here she was introduced to AER, and the world of equine rehabilitation. She also teaches for the massage school and is Director of Curriculum for it.

Originally from Wyoming, she grew up riding within the western disciplines; but while in Australia was introduced to dressage, show jumping, and cross country jumping.

*McGreevy, P.D., Hawson, L.A., Salvin, H., and McLean, A.N. “A note on the force of whip impacts delivered by jockeys using forehand and backhand strikes.” Journal of Veterinary Behavior, 8 (2013) 395-399.