Teamwork Equals Success

They say it takes a village.  At Acadia Equine Rehabilitation (AER), our village is a phenomenal group of people and businesses working as a team to facilitate healing. We believe our team mentality sets this business apart from others. The relationships developed between AER and these team members -- and the combined experience of difficult cases -- are invaluable to the rehabilitation of the horse.

We believe in our team of equine professionals and have chosen these veterinarians, farriers, complementary practitioners, and others very carefully over the years. Working hard to pair the right professionals with each individual horse is something we believe helps make a significant impact on the successful healing of our clients. We do welcome other equine professionals at our facility, and a plan is developed for each horse on a case-by-case basis upon intake.

AER Team

  • Callie Rulli, a master certified Equine & Canine Massage and Acupressure practitioner and Equi-Tape practitioner, is the rehabilitation manager at Acadia Equine Rehabilitation.

  • AER has been working with the veterinarians of Littleton Equine Medical Center since 2007.

  • AER has a great professional relationship with Iron Horse Equine and they're located in Elizabeth. 

  • Tracy Vroom often works on AER rehabilitation horses as part of their individualized rehabilitation program. She is also an integral part of the team working to keep our performance horses fit and happy.

  • Dr. Diane Wagner uses acupuncture, chiropractic, and other complementary therapies to balance her conventional veterinary medical knowledge.

  • AER  works with OrthoPets to develop custom therapeutic, supportive, and corrective braces and orthotics for rehab horses.