Wed, 11/09/2016

AER has just added VitaFloor to our rehab toolbag!

VitaFloor is a vibrating floor system that helps promote muscle tone, bone density, and increased circulation by utilizing Whole Body Vibration. VitaFloor is a product specifically designed for equine use, and is safe and easy to use. 

 The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU-Uppsala) has been carrying out extensive research and testing of the VitaFloor for over 13 years. Their research measured a wide variety of factors, and results indicated increased muscle tone, increased bone density, and increased circulation throughout the body.  The technology behind Whole Body Vibration is characterized with motion that can be horizontal, vertical, or a combination. These different patterns work differently with body components to support the tissues. The VitaFLoor specifically is built with more substantial materials to provide higher quality vibrational freqencies. These high quality frequencies can then affect areas of the body like the organs and the topline, as well as the distal limbs. The VitaFloor is an incredible assest to equine rehabilitation, but also for warming up the body for work. Muscle tone and suppleness can be increased, while you may see a decrease in muscle atrophy, and increases circulation through the tissue to bring in fresh, nutrient-rich blodd and remove waste products. To increase bone density, the vibrational frequencies help encourage the bone to become more thick and sturdy. Increased circulation can help warm the tissues, and "bring in the good, while removing the bad".  

Acadia Equine Rehabilitation works closely with veterinarians to ensure that a horse's condition is suitable for VitaFloor use.