Odyssey Free Flow Walker Installed!

Thu, 07/03/2014

We are thrilled to announce that our new, Odyssey Free Flow Walker has been installed and is up and running! The valuable piece of equipment provides safe, controlled exercise for horses recovering from injury or layup.  It is a five horse walker on a 60 foot diameter circle with variable speed control.  We normally put 3 horses on to give them additional space.  It's particularly safe because the horses are loose inside the move-able stall on the walker (so they are not tied in the walker) and can freelly move their head and neck, and also turn around when the walker stops to change direction. 

The walker has well maintained sand and felt footing and very safe panel fencing with no climb style mesh that withstands horse antics very well.  Most horses train to the walker quite easily, and many of our retirement horse clients are used as babysitters for the new rehab horses as they are getting acustomed to the routine.  We feel the level of fitness that we can maintain with horses whose veterinarian approves use of the walker in their rehabilitation protocol is much better than those who are not walking in it!