A big welcome to our new intern, Leslie!

Wed, 05/03/2017

A big welcome to our newest intern, Leslie!Leslie gre up on horse farms in Maine, Kentucky,and West Virginia. During her youth and early teens,she actively participated in the United States Pony Club andcompeted in dressage, jumping, eventing, and mounted games. Having a mother who was also an instructor and trainer furtheredLeslie's exposure to various stables, instructors, trainers, and clinics on the east coast. During high school she rescued an older Thoroughbred,developing a love of the breed and sparking her interest in rescuehorses and therapies to help those who were sick, neglected, andinjured. While pursuing a business degree in South Carolina shevolunteered at various rescues and equine assisted therapyprograms. Upon deciding not to further pursue her degree, shetook a job in Florida where she found a live-in position at a stablewhich allowed her to continue with lessons and ultimatelyboard her own horse. During this time, she was also able to spendtime with her favorite breed and help horses in need by volunteering atan Off the Track Thoroughbred Rescue, from which she adopted hersecond Thoroughbred. After having to relocate again due to her own health, she became interested in healing horses using a wide range of modalities.With desire to spend time in the western half of the US and pursue her interests helping horses, she took an internship at Acadia Equine Rehabilitation.She hopes to bring her love of horses and passion for health and healing together by receiving in-depth knowledge and hands on experience at AER and RMSAAM.