As autumn turns, so enters a new intern

Fri, 01/10/2014

Hey there! I'm Emaline, or 'Line to some. Originally from Washington State, I decided to attend college in Ohio to start on my path to becoming a Canine Physical Rehabilitation Therapist. I am earning my BS in Biomedical Science and if all goes well, I plan to continue my education at University of Tennessee. My college has a program wherein for three months per year, we go out on internships to learn how to further ourselves in the world, and I was lucky enough to spend Autumn of 2014 at AER working with Jenny and all the wonderful people there. I hoped to figure out whether I wanted to extend my schooling to include Equine Rehab, and loved learning how the business runs, and learning more about horses (as I came to Jenny with minimal experience!) I had so much fun at AER, and even had the chance to take a canine massage course at RMSAAM!Though I am still not sure whether my work with stretch to include the Equine world, I would not trade my experience at AER for anything!