About Acadia Equine Rehabilitation

Acadia Equine Rehabilitation (AER) helps horse owners reduce the stress and time constraints involved with successfully bringing a horse back from injury or illness. High-quality, experienced rehabilitation and lay-up care provided by AER helps give the horse the best possible chance at a full recovery.

In 2002, Jenny Rukavina was inspired to create an equine rehabilitation business by the long and difficult rehabilitation of her mare, Acadia, after bilateral stifle surgery to diagnose and repair a severe cruciate ligament and meniscus injury. Jenny lived and worked 20 miles from the facility where "Cadie" was boarded, so hand walking her mare twice daily was time-consuming and stressful. Her boarding facility was not rehab-horse friendly; "Cadie" was the only horse in the barn during the day, and it was extremely difficult to keep her quiet. The odds that "Cadie" could make a full recovery and successfully return to work were decreased by how poorly she handled the situation. Had there been a facility and business available like Acadia Equine Rehabilitation, this process would have gone much faster and with fewer setbacks to get "Cadie" healthy and fit for dressage training again.

Despite the less-than-ideal setting and circumstances, "Cadie" returned to dressage training after her stifle injury. Ironically enough, the mare sustained a deep digital flexor tendon (DDFT) injury during the autumn of 2007, and became an Acadia Equine Rehabilitation client herself. There is absolutely no comparison in how much easier the second rehabilitation from surgery and severe, career-threatening injury was at peaceful Dark Star Farm, where AER began operating in 2007. "Cadie" made a full recovery from her DDFT injury and went back to full dressage training in the spring of 2008. 

Our Mission:  To provide the highest standard of care while following veterinary prescribed protocols so that your horse can get back to doing what it does best.